New amazon Alexa logged into my account.

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New amazon Alexa logged into my account.

Post by Divinejames » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:55 am

So I’m a pretty tech savvy person, I’ve always been in the IT field, but I’m kind of stumped on this. I purchased a new amazon Alexa from my amazon for my in-laws. Christmas Eve I gave it to them and helped set it up. I used my mother in-law’s phone and had here login to her amazon on the Alexa app. We set it up and I had her create a pandora account and link it to her Alexa. When we told it to play music on Pandora, the response was “playing Christmas radio on David’s pandora.”

I was like what.... I asked whose amazon account she was on and it said David’s... that’s me.

Not one time did I enter my amazon information or pandora information on this device. Somehow a brand new out of the box Alexa was setup to my account.... how? Does amazon link Alexa to your account when you buy it off amazon?

We reset Alexa and set it up again, this time we got it to her account. I went over today and they have unplugged it. I feel like they think I maybe was trying to spy on them and are afraid to use it. I have come up with three possible solutions as to why it was setup to my account, but can’t confirm.
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1: Amazon registers the device to your account when bought....

2: my iPhone automatically connected to the WiFi when in setup and somehow my Alexa app information was used....

3: Amazon has amazing voice recognition and knew it was me talking and setup my account over hers...

Can someone please tell me or confirm why this happened? I was so shocked to hear it say my name and that it was on my account

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