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NVME SSD not recognized (sort of)

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:02 pm
by Divinejames
Hi guys, so my laptop suddenly stopped booting up, I have a single ssd drive with linux and windows partitions on it. It's been working for over a year now and today it suddenly didn't want to boot anything after turning it on. I basically spent half of the day looking for and trying all kinds of stuff and nothing works so far. The drive doesn't get recognized in the bios as bootable, but it shows as a recognized device. If I try installing windows - the setup doesn't find any disks to install anything on but if I go in repair mode and open diskpart I can see all windows partitions and they all show as there is no problem. I followed few guides to try to make a new partition and set it as active and bootable but no success so far.

I'm fairly drunk at this point so I can't really continue as I wasted 6 hours to no avail but I'd really like to wake up to some solutions. I don't really care about the data but it would be nice to get it started without having to delete all partitions and I'm not sure even if I do that the drive is going to be accessible for an installation anyway. I was going to try partition magic on it but I found out that symantec dropped it as a tool, I don't really know what much to say... Is it fixable, what's the rason the drive is "there" but also not recognizable by the bios, is it the linux partition that's messing up the whole drive... If I have to start over what's the easiest way to delete everything and install a fresh copy of windows on it? Thanks in advance!
Also sort of dissasembled my laptop but I didn't find a bios reset cmos chip, maybe it's on the back of the motherboard and I don't really feel comfortable progressing in that direction unless it's really necessary.UC browser SHAREit MX player