16 Month Old PC crashed And Won’t Power On

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16 Month Old PC crashed And Won’t Power On

Post by Divinejames » Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:04 am

In the middle of playing a game my screen flickered twice and then powered down. The RGB on my mobo and ram stocks stayed on. Pressing my power button and reset button did nothing. I then tried the on/off switch on my psu. All of my rgb then turned off and stayed off.

The small red standby light continued to blink intermittently as did two small white leds on my gpu as long as the computer was plugged in and the psu was switched on.

I removed the gpu and tried to boot without it, but that didn’t help either. https://appsync.biz/solitaire/ Mobdro AnyDesk

I can hear a very faint noise like it’s trying to turn on each time the red standby led on my mobo lights up, but there is no other activity.

I have made no changes to my setup in over 8 months. The only thing I can possible think of is that the house has been very staticy lately due to the cold weather, although I have not opened my case in months.

Any advice? I’m not really even sure where to start at this point.


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