Please read and take note

READ THEM! There aren't many rules but please stick by the ones that we have.

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Please read and take note

Post by maximus » Wed Apr 23, 2003 8:30 am

As the category title stated. There are not many rules to this forum so please abide by the few that there are and we'll all get along fine:)
  • First. Unlike many forums we will simply not tolerate any flame wars here. So if you want to start an argument with someone by all means do so but not here..on this forum. Be civil and generally polite and if you can't do that then just don't post.

    If you have a problem with another user, talk to one of your moderators about it via private messaging or email. Things can usually be sorted out without recourse to a public slagging match.

    Some forums have a very rigid "on topic" rule in place. This is not one of those forums. Conversation often meanders away from the initial topic but don't worry about that, we usually get back to it eventually. If it is felt that a new thread should be started then I will sort that out so to sum up, just chat as you normally would if someone were sitting in the same room as you. It is after all the way humans usually converse.

    As for content. We used to have a lot of restrictions in place but technically speaking there are none at the moment. Now that doesn't mean your post might not be edited or even deleted...although you will be notified if it's felt that this is necessary but really just use a bit of common sense.

    So....that's about it. nothing too painful there. If in any doubt about the rules or you need some clarification just ask me or one of the mods, that's what we're here for.
Enjoy the forum.

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