Getting rid of Sky, what are some good/cheaper/quality alternatives?

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Getting rid of Sky, what are some good/cheaper/quality alternatives?

Post by RakeshJ » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:31 am

Hello everyone,,,
More of a question from Senior than myself. But the family (Dad) is sick of paying for Sky+ and the whole shebang and wants to leave... We have the whole package, so obviously, cutting that down would be the first instance but he wants to move away anyway.

I know there's BT TV, Freeview, Virgin Media, Nextflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But never used any of them, know what's on them or anything. I rarely watch TV personally. Also not sure what the quality is like with streaming and selections, new stuff, etc.

Generally speaking, not looking for anything in particular, a mix of sorts would be awesome (movies, kids stuff, general - less reality and nonsense channels/shows) however if anyone knows where to get a good sports package of some kind (mostly football) that would be super. We do have BT Sports already as part of our BT Broadband package.

We have BT Infinity (unlimited) and live in London, if that's relevant at all.. Our internet isn't bad, so streaming and possibly amongst a few devices are all game...

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