vz800 ran rich, did I fix it correctly?

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vz800 ran rich, did I fix it correctly?

Post by maximus » Thu May 25, 2017 5:56 pm

Hello every one.
My wife have a Suzuki marauder vz800 from 1998, we bought it last year with only 20000km on it. She didnt drive it more than 500km's last year.
But this year shes been driving it alot. And always complaining when she gets home that it would die out at idle when she arrives to the destination.
Some guys watched her park the bike and told her it died from too much fuel.. She also had to give it some throttle to keep it from bogging down kinda. She also noticed when in turs she wasnt able to take a turn in 2nd gear then it would almost crap out on her, she had to go to first, I mean she felt like there was no power and was about to die. Its hard to explain for me because im not the one driving it, I dont even own a licens for bikes But im ok doing engines on cars not really on bikes..

Anyways, I gave it a try and pulled off the rear carb. Adjusted the float height according to the service manual. I then noticed the pin going down from the top of the carb to the buttom, there was some clips (c-clips?) on that pin. And there were 5 spots to put the clip in, it was in the middle of them all. So I figured to give it a little less gas I tried to put the clip in the spot over where it was. I then did the same with the front carb, adjusting float height, and this one was off by a few mm's.. I also moved the clip up a notch.
Put everything back together and took it for a test drive (I know) She ran absolutely fine, no bogging or any pops from the exhaust or anything.

But I really cant tell because I didnt have the balls to drive anymore than a few km's around my house, I did however warm it up until the fan kicked in before I took it on the road.

But I think my question is, is that OK what I did? What im mostly affraid of is, I have no idea if its running too lean now? How will I be able to tell. The bike pushed hard in every gear and took every turns perfect in 2nd gear and pulled hard afterwards with no hesitation.

Hope to hear from you, else I'll just tear it apart again and take it back to what it was before.

From Rasmus

Oh btw, is it true Theres only one idle screw on the rear carb? Cant seem to find it on the front carb

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