XL600R 'soft rebuild' - I'm changing a broken shift shaft, anything else I should be doing?

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XL600R 'soft rebuild' - I'm changing a broken shift shaft, anything else I should be doing?

Post by maximus » Wed May 24, 2017 3:34 pm

Me and my girlfriend are (finally) fixing the bike of my life (so far, at least). A 1984' Honda XL600R. It's my first bike and after riding a Yamaha SR250 for a while in another country, it feels amazing to be back on this one.

Problem is, it's stuck in 3rd gear. The shift shaft is broken (the stick the gear shifter pedal sits on, that goes into the gear box) and to replace it, I need to split the entire case. First I was afraid, now I'm loving the project - especially because my girlfriend also loves it.

So we're splitting the case! Following the service manual and youtube-walk-troughs. What we were wondering is, if anyone has ideas of anything else to throw in the mix? Here's what we got planned already, and we could use more points. Now that we're 'going in', what else should we take care of?

- In general replacing bad bolts, screws, washers and such.
- I bought this gasket kit, also replacing all that
- New oil filter
- The air filter was basically crumbled!
- The speedometer cable needed changing, but when we tried to take it out and put it back, we broke the gear box. Now, we're considering buying a digital speedometer, for looks & for saving some bucks, because a new speedometer drive gear box is $ 100 or more.
- Cleaning! Everything!
- Also taking the carb apart and cleaning it, like this dude does it on youtube.

I think that's about it. What else you think we should be doing?

Taking it apart to replace a broken shift shaft - what else should we be doing on the way there?

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