Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carriers

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Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carriers

Post by maximus » Thu May 25, 2017 7:10 pm

Hi all. I'm planning on doing some traveling with my dog later this year, so a bike-only trip is out of the picture. My little truck will do the job, but I want a small bike with me to scoot around on and maybe hit a trail or two. And I really, really don't want to pull a trailer for 1000+ miles.

So, I'm thinking of a hitch-mounted carrier. But before I invest in one I'd like to get some real-world feedback from people who've used them. Especially those who have done this with a small truck.

Paranoid scenarios of rear end instability in heavy winds and bumpy roads causing my hitch to bend are going through my head. :lol3

I am willing to find a bike just for this purpose. I thought hard about using a little Honda Trail or similar, but their speed limitations and difficulty in going on "real" trails might present a problem.
I would really prefer one of the small, light, true dual sports- I remember the XT200 carcass I had wanted to project on claimed to have a wet weight of less than 220lbs. Something like that would probably be ideal.

Specs: I've got a Ford Ranger, 2.5/5 speed/single cab/6ft box. There would be a camper shell on top but weight would otherwise be minimal (I pack light).

I currently tow light trailers via the bumper, so I'd be getting a class III installed for this.

As mentioned I'm willing to seek out a bike specifically for this purpose, so anyone who has experience doing this with a small pickup would be a great help. I'm thinking it'll have to be one of the lighter small-displacement four strokes like a DR200/125, XT200, etc, but I don't know a reasonable weight range or size range to choose from.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carriers

Post by jthspace » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:30 pm

I had one on a car years ago (believe it or not, an original Fiat Panda!) and it was great for a little Yam 125DT. The only issue I had was hefting it up into the wheel slots, you could manage it on your own, but it was awkward. We also towed a trailer tent with the Panda. Great little car.

Mine was extremely simple, a bar with two square "holes" into which the wheels sat. I can see a good idea here, with a built-in ramp. Don't know what "truck" you have, but something like this looks good. Mine was similar, without the ramp, and a lot less metal.


Could you tow it with the front wheel off the ground? Not in stock, but the idea . . .

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