Need help picking new ADV/DS bike

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Need help picking new ADV/DS bike

Post by maximus » Fri May 26, 2017 10:11 am

Hi everyone. I'm needing some serious help picking a bike that's suitable for me. My F650GS was totaled due to a tip over in the dirt that left the case with a broken bolt hole. Long story short, getting paid out on that, and I'm not sure what bike would fit me. This bikes intent will be to ride a bit of twisty backroads on the weekends, but also to get me to some good dirt destinations that might require some slabbing. Being able to put multiple days in a row on the saddle will be important.


Can handle doing 70mph highway (wind protection)
Decent ADV parts aftermarket
Decent range
Crash bars have to mount to the frame NOT the engine

I've considered the 2008 TE-510, 2017 690 Enduro R ($$$$), and some of the BMW X bikes. Some concerns with Husky and Bimmer are the lack of case covers or engine protection. I am coming from the world of GS, where all those protection farkles are "key" (didn't save mine from being totaled; ironic), and I'm not sure if people with bikes such as the TE-510 just forgo those and call a skid plate good enough?

Paralyzed with indecision right now. Hopefully you guys can help.

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