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Landline Telephone - Gizmo

Post by jthspace » Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:31 pm

Despite being on the TPS list to stop unwanted calls to my landline, I am getting, on average two or three calls a day from unwanted companies - most often a pre-recorded message saying I can recover X from Y by simply returning a call, or pressing 9 to collect my free holiday to Wombobo Game Reserve or fixing the virus on my Microsoft PC they can see on the web (I have a MAC), or . . . you probably get them too.

I had to phone Maximus the other day and the call was intercepted by a BT Call Minder - this basically makes you say your name and press # before the call is put through. The person answering can then accept the call once, accept the call forever, block it forever or send it to answerphone (key 1,2,3,4).

This stops the pre-recorded cold calls because no-one ever says their name and press #, so all they do is spend money calling you but you never know about it. Tonight's 5pm call simply did not happen - peace! Weird, but nice. We will get used to the silence.

You can get add-on boxes from £15 upwards, but you have to control the call from the box itself. I decided to get the system where it is built into the answerphone/base station so calls can be answered, montitored etc. from any handset.

BT have a 4500 / 6500 / 8500 set of models with one to four cordless phones, differing in price from £30 for a single base unit and one phone to the four phone package at £100 (Amazon). Although these are BT branded phones, they work on any supplier - I am with SKY - all you need is caller i.d. which comes, on Sky, within the line price. Some suppliers charge extra.

Anyway, the phone is set up - sod’s law that no-one "real" has called today to test it, but one lives in hope of a call so I can permanently block them! If you do answer a call (some virus checking calls now show a spoof UK number) once you have whistled loudly down the phone and hung up, you can then see the caller i.d. on the handset and choose "block" so that scam will only work the once.

It is IMPORTANT that you do not block "anonymous" calls (no caller i.d. / numbr withheld) automatically as Health Centres / Hospitals block their caller i.d. so that you do not see the callers DDI number. They could get the phone company to send a generic number, but that costs money . . . Anyway, if the Health Centre does call, they will simply say "Health Centre", press # and the call will be put through.

For other companies that do this, then "Paula" will leave her name and then when you get the call presented to you, you can send it to answerphone and monitor who it is, or accept the call and ask to be removed from their lists, or whatever you want (politely, of course).

Amazing amount of technology / options on such a small base unit - almost a complete switchboard system on a chip!

I thought I would share this as I expect everyone is getting more and more of these annoying calls.


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