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Sending parcels in the UK? Do Not Use Parcel2go

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:58 pm
by maximus
Just wanted to warn people who might be thinking about using Parcel2go to send things in the UK that all is not what it seems!

In case you have not come across them before. Parcel2go are a price comparison site for courier companies in the UK. They also have a US service which from what I have read is run much better than the UK part of the company.

How it works is you go to their website, enter the weight of the item your sending and get an instant quote for delivery with a choice of couriers, prices and services. Choose your courier, book the delivery and your good to go...or so it seems! If however you pay more attention to what your booking you will realise that Compensation Insurance seems to be the money maker for Parcel2go. They are always reminding you that you should insure your delivery against loss or damage however what they don't make so prominent is the exceedingly long list of things this insurance DOES NOT cover.

There is a seemingly endless list of items they will carry but on a no compensation basis however this is where it get's interesting, they will STILL try and sell you insurance for these items even though you won't be compensated should they be damaged!

In my own case I did not take out insurance. The reason being that all couriers in the UK...trustworthy ones anyway should already possess Goods In Transit insurance. This covers each driver for up to £50,000 against damage to goods they are carrying. So, if they are already insured why am I being asked to pay for insurance? It's very simple. This is a money making scheme for Parcel2go. Their margins on reselling services for courier companies must be minuscule so where is the big money? Selling insurance you shouldn't need thats where.

So I sent two speakers, packed in their original packaging which was robust anyway but I also put them inside another sturdy cardboard box and sealed them with parcel tape. So one sealed box inside another sealed box. I even helped the courier load them onto the van so both he and I could see they were well packed.

A few days later I get a message from the person I had sold the speakers to on Ebay. Apparently the courier had arrived with just one speaker and told him that the other parcel had "split wide open and was leaking" those were his exact words.

Firstly I have to wonder how on earth the parcel could have "split wide open"? you would have needed to drive over it with a tank! Second, how could it be "leaking"? It's a speaker, all wood and metal, there is nothing to leak!

Obviously the speakers were sold as a pair so the buyer refused delivery. I would have done the same so I'm fine with that. What I am not fine with is the way Parcel2go have dealt with the situation. For one thing no one contacted me. Neither the courier company Hermes or Parcel2go thought to ask me what should be done with the delivery.

I contacted Parcel2go via their online chatbot...there is no other way to contact them which I think is a warning in itself? Anyway the chatbot or extremely idiotic human on the other end simply kept to a script of how it was not their responsibility and no compensation would be paid because I didn't take out their insurance.

Which brings me back to why should I pay for insurance at all? I did not book a courier to take my parcels and treat them like crap! I booked a courier to take my parcels from me and deliver them to the recipient in the same good condition. Why is that too much to expect? and if the courier is already insured against damage why then would I need to pay extra for yet more insurance?

Parcel2go say that parcels can occasionally get lost (stolen) or accidentally damaged and this is why you should take out insurance. That is complete nonsense. Why is the burden of safe delivery put upon the customer? I may as well put the parcels in my own car and deliver them myself!

I did not drop or damage my parcels. The courier did and therefore he/she is responsible and should compensate me for the damage. If I go into a store and knock something over and it breaks I need to pay for it. I should have been more careful. It's common sense. Why am I suddenly responsible for replacing my own goods?

My advice is to avoid Parcel2go altogether. You may as well go direct through the couriers own website. You will pay the same and at least if it all goes wrong your not dealing with a middle man. I would also recommend that if your selling something of value on eBay that you make it 'collection only' or offer delivery yourself within a certain distance. Stay the hell away from courier companies where possible and NEVER use a middle man like Parcel2go.

You can read more about this on the front of the site at and also over at where I have posted additional info.

Re: Sending parcels in the UK? Do Not Use Parcel2go

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:27 pm
by maxi19
Thanks for this info Saul, I ask people buying from me to collect, Iv'e been building 'pedal steel guitars' and they are fairly heavy, but I wouldn't buy an instrument I couldn't try out first myself anyway.

Nice to have the site resurrected, hope you are all well.