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Australia adware on Chrome

Post by jaisonpandey » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:29 pm

They advertise a variety of things. Some of the ones that are fresh in my memory are "update windows", "your download is ready", and of course "hot women in your area" (and others of that sort).

All of them have that little "Google Chrome -" at the bottom. I have no idea what the significance of is, and Google didn't help me too much with that other than that it's adware (no shit).
AkinatorXender Kik

They don't seem to come in any set pattern. Maybe every 20-30 minutes and only when Chrome is running (foreground OR background).

About half of the time they come in sets of 10-20, and they pop up on top of ANYTHING. I've been trying to play games in fullscreen and they pop up over top of it. As if having to tab out to click close on them wasn't annoying enough, sometimes there are too many to close until they all disappear (on some kind of timer).

Clicking on one of them just brings me to your generic scam/advertisement website. They didn't have anything that looked like they were obviously related

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