Problem with 100% disck usege.

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Problem with 100% disck usege.

Post by Divinejames » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:35 am

Hello.Its been i couple of weeks now since i bought my pc and this problem started from the second day that i got the pc,i noticed that my games started to freez for 3-4 seconds but i didnt really think much of it.

Then my whole pc started freezing,so i checked task manager i saw my disk usege go up to 100% and then a few seconds later go back down to 0-1-3%.Then i started looking up solutions nothing worked.

So i started my pc in safe mode and none of the stuttering is happening for an hour now.I came here to ask for someone to tell me what is going on,i dont even know if its the right place to ask but its worth the try.

Its getting really frustrating so any help is appreciated.

(sorry if theres alot of grammer mistakes my english is not that good,also if theres anythink you want to ask me about the problem or you didnt undrestand what i meant in the post im here to clarify)Nox VidMate Mobdro

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