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My pc is practically dying.!!

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:49 am
by Divinejames
One day I booted up my computer to my taskbar being frozen. I tried the normal thing of restarting it in task manager but it would work for only 15 seconds and then freeze up again without the apps even appearing on the taskbar. So I try other guides and then stumbled upon a guide to copy something into powershell. I try this twice and notice it gets stuck on this file called appxmanifest. I google that and see other people also are missing this file and they just got a new windows update to fix it. So I go to the link and start updating to the october update (I'm not quite sure if I was on the newest update but the october update is what the microsoft link had for download). I start the update thinking all my troubles would go away. This takes about 4 hours and finally when it's done it got even worse. I restarted the PC snd logged in only to find that the desktop was just a giant black screen. Literally nothing but black. I could still open task manager through Ctrl Alt Delete and move my mouse though. At this point I've already worked on it for a full day and just want some god damn answers. For some reason if I switch the user it boots perfectly fine with taskbar and everything. Another side note that I'll mention is something called "Service Host Windows Post Notification" or the exe called "svchost.exe" takes 13.5% of the CPU and 2.5 GBS of ram and apparently uses Very high amounts if power according to task manager. I don't know what it is and have never seen it in my life but it's probably tied in some way. Please help me! I just want to use my computer... Tl:Dr: After downloading a windows update it just black screens after logging on but it can still open task manager through Ctrl Alt Delete (would really recommend reading it though)