My PC keeps crashing and getting bluescreens.!!

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My PC keeps crashing and getting bluescreens.!!

Post by Divinejames » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:51 am

I really have no idea why, I didn’t add any new hardware or install anything big. So far I tried to update drivers and I also tried most Win tools or something like a sfc scan but nothing helped. I have a list of all the bluescreens I’ve gotten so far, I don’t know if you can get anything out of that but maybe it will help.

Also, what’s really weird, for one afternoon my pc worked just normally for about 4-5 hours, but then had the same problems after that again.

Another important info might be that my last windows update wasn’t successful and have me an error message, saying update files don’t work.

The bluescreens I got are the following:

irql not less or equal

System_service_exception Fltmgr.sys

Kernel Auto boost lock acquisition with raised irql

Driver overran stack buffer

Driver irql not less or equal

Attempted write to readonly memory


Kmode exception not handled

Unexpected kernel mode trap


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