Just updated to 1809 via WU, thanks Microsoft.

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Just updated to 1809 via WU, thanks Microsoft.

Post by Divinejames » Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:52 pm

Well this is a nice surprise. Well done Microsoft...

I have an old Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop computer model M58 7483 that I use to run legacy hardware/peripherals/software that require a serial port that modern motherboards/computers no longer have. Showbox Tutuapp Vidmate

When I got the computer about a month ago it had an early version of Windows 10 64bit (15xx) installed.

WU said it could be updated to 1803 but not 1809. It took 7+ hours to update to 1803, and WU said it was a targeted update for 1809.

Today when I turned it on, and checked to see if there were any updates available on WU it said 1809 could now be downloaded and installed.

I let the update proceed, and it completed successfully in just over 2 hours, and haven't found any issues at all so far.

All the legacy hardware and motherboard serial port are working properly after the update to 1809.

I didn't expect it to be able to install/run 1803 let alone 1809 when I got it, and was even considering downgrading to Windows 7.

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