Windows 8 Developers Preview

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Windows 8 Developers Preview

Post by maximus » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:58 pm

Well I finally got around to installing the Windows 8 Developers Preview 64 bit version. I installed on a new drive but I believe it will install as an upgrade over Windows 7 if that is what you want to do. Obviously not a great idea given this is a "preview" and not the retail OS which is not due until next year.

So, first impressions? mmmmm, interesting but I have to hope there is a LOT of work still to be done because at the moment the whole thing smacks of a new skin for Windows 7. There a loads of bits of the Windows 7 interface all over the place and it's kind of almost bodged together with the Metro interface. You start off with Metro, click something and your in familiar Win7 territory again.

It didn't take long to install and was pretty much a interaction free affair apart from asking for your name and whether you wished to send a load of details back to Microsoft about sites you visit and apps you install. Needless to say I didn't but there is a customize section of that particular part so at least you get a choice.

I reckon the whole process must have taken 15-20 minutes.

The first thing you notice on boot is the desktop is not there. Instead you have the Metro interface same as on the Windows 7 Phone and you will see on there your desktop appears as an app. Click it and you are in what appears to be the Windows 7 desktop. I think if Microsoft were to take a look at Apple's "Launchpad" and how smooth that works they would do well to copy it because as it stands the Metro interface doesn't all fit on the screen and you have to use the scroll bar to move bits of it into view. Of course if you have a touch screen display it will be nicer because that is really what Metro is designed for. However given I was using a 22" widescreen display I think the whole interface needs some work.

I haven't installed any software yet but there is no reason to think there would be any problems in that area. My concerns are it all feels a bit like when Microsoft tried to Make Windows 98 a bit more hip by skinning it with the god awful Windows ME , turning the whole thing into a complete dogs dinner in the process.

I have a feeling Microsoft are not onto a winner here. I think they have hit their peak in the OS world with Windows 7 and are now trying to desperately play catch up with iOS, OS X, Android and Chrome. Still, there is time and they could pull it back but they REALLY need to listen to what their potential customers are telling them.

Will write some more once I have installed a few programs and delved a little deeper.

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Re: Windows 8 Developers Preview

Post by jthspace » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:52 pm

Thanks for that, interesting overview. Look forward to the next installment.


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