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New iPhone and iPad Restrictions or iOS 12.1.3 Changes

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 6:40 am
by Pranit6
Hello everyone,,
New restrictions iPhone and iPad or changes iOS 12.1.3 discovered after a while. On the eve of shooting a vertical video where Angelina unpacked the purchase. The duration of the video was 5 minutes 21 seconds. After that, she asked to throw a video to her and I, as usual, began to transfer it through iMessage. If earlier there was an opportunity to immediately send a video, now the inscription appears: “The video is too long. Want to choose a smaller video for this video? ”Is this really the new limitation of the iPhone and iPad that iOS 12.1.3 gave us? If you click on cancel, the phone returns you to the previous stage. If we click on Ok, then we propose to select a fragment of the video. I decided to transfer the maximum possible fragment and Angelina received a video of 4 minutes 18 seconds. And in my iMessage there was a video of full duration. I decided to test this innovation on macOS using a Macbook Pro. There are no such restrictions, and the video is transmitted completely. And then I wondered, why are these new limitations of the iPhone and iPad in iOS 12.1.3? The answer is simple. Apple is pushing us into the world of iCloud. Free 5GB you will not be enough for such a procedure, so you have to switch to a paid rate. Prices start from 59 to 599 rubles. Such a simple way, Apple will be able to raise the income of its service. Basically, right, once iPhone sales fall due to high prices.