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iphone 8: apple refurbished or new with extended warranty?

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 10:19 am
by Pranit6
Hello everyone,,

So I'm thinking of getting an iphone 8 and here are my options:

1 Get an apple-refurbished phone (meaning refurbished and sold by apple, with their usual 14 day return/1 year warranty) for $499


2 Get a brand new iphone 8 from apple with same same return/warranty period *and* my credit card benefits would extend the warranty by an additional two years, mirroring the original warranty in terms of what it would cover. (No coverage for drops or damage, for example). $599.

Any thoughts on what would be better?

A three year manufacturer's warranty would be nice...especially if apple runs some sort of black friday sale where i could get, say, a $50 credit if i buy a new iphone 8. could put that towards some airpods i'm planning to buy later.

Another option: I could take the $100 I save and put it towards apple care (+$129).

Or I could keep the saved $100 in my pocket, take my chances, and hope it lasts well beyond the year warranty.