My brand new 2018 13" MBP is being replaced by Apple due to keyboard issues.

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My brand new 2018 13" MBP is being replaced by Apple due to keyboard issues.

Post by dineshjain » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:47 am

I'm typing thisf rom the keyboardr ight now. Try to see if you can spot what the issue is.

When I first got the laptop it was fantastic, no keyboard issues and I was thrilled to have such a powerful machine. Fast forward to a few days ago and I started to notice that the spacebar appeared to be triggering multiple inputs, causing many of my sentences to have double spaces and words split up in the manner you can see at the top of this post.

The issue is intermittent, and can be really bad at times. I have no idea wetheri ts a software or hardware issue. At first I thought it was a problem with meg etting used to the new keyboard but whatever is going on here is clearly not the way I'm typing (I may not be them ost accurate typer but I definitely do not double tap the spacebar)

The genius was able to replicate the issue a nd informed me that since theyh ave no replacement parts or repair programs for the 2018 MBPs that t hey would have to custom order a n ew machine from China to be shipped within a feww eeks.

Theres n o realp oint tot his post other t han tof ind out if anyone e lse is having this issue and to bring attentiont o the fact that the 2018 pros may not be immune to keyboardi ssues.

Before anyone asks, theo nly food or drink I keep a round my computer is a watter bottle. I do not eat around my laptop at all, especially with the knowledge of thesek eyboard issuesi n the back of my mind.

Obviously, this is very irritating because I've started classes and need to be able to type up notes quickly. I was told it could be 3-4+weeks b efore the replacementa rrives att hes tore.

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