What is the nss-myhostname equivalent for Windows 10? Help

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What is the nss-myhostname equivalent for Windows 10? Help

Post by Pranit6 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:18 pm

Hello everyone,,,,
On Ubuntu, there's a tool you can install called nss-myhostname, and after enabling it in your nsswitch.conf you can get a proper FQDN with subdomain support on localhost, which means you can goto foo.localhost.localdomain.

You can install nss-myhostname on WSL, but then https://inro.in/watch-movies-online/ https://inro.in/cyberghost/ https://inro.in/expressvpn/ only the WSL resolver will know how to use it. If you have a browser installed on Windows, Windows will know nothing about this resolver so the domain won't work.

Is there a Windows equivalent of nss-myhostname, or some way to configure Windows to use the WSL resolver even outside of WSL?

I know I can just use lvh.me but I don't want to make an external network DNS lookup.

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