I mounted HDD in another computer to transfer data and when placed back in original PC, folders now need permissions.

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I mounted HDD in another computer to transfer data and when placed back in original PC, folders now need permissions.

Post by Pranit6 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:18 pm

Hello everyone,,,
As title says but let me go into better detail.
I recently built a new PC. On my new PC, after installing windows 10 and updating everything i decided i wanted to transfer my steam games and other files to my new HDD. After seeing how long it would take via external HDD i decided to cut out the middle man and remove the HDD from my old PC (win10) and mount it into my new PC (win10) and do a direct transfer. When i did this it seemed business as usual (i had never done this with windows 10 before and the last time i attempted this mobdro lucky patcher kodi type of thing i had 0 issues) but i do recall the HDD asking me to login to gain access to the drive. I didnt think anything about it. When i returned this HDD back into my old PC everything seemed perfectly fine... until i started trying to access my folders AND when windows itself tried to access those folders. I now get a popup saying "You don't currently have permissions to access this folder." and it says click to continue with the blue and yellow windows shield. I can click continue and it gives me access. The issue is that i seem to have to manually click continue on each and every folder in order to give windows access again. This has effectively broken every program that i have tried to use. But if i go into the folders and manually click each folder and then the continue button when asked for permissions its fine, and i dont have to do again.

Please help. How can i either reset whatever it is that i messed up. Or at the very least do a blanket granting of permission without having to open each and every folder manually.

I have tried checking the ownership/permissions in the security tab but it already says i have full access. However if i go to, for example, the appdata folder and pick a folder i havent opened yet, in the security tab it says "You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object. Click advanced to continue"

thanks in advanced.

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