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Post by qianqian98 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:24 am

three points about how to solve the tensile strength of Rubber Joint How to solve the tensile strength of Rubber Joint ?

(1) selection of hardening agent used alkyl phenolic resin hardener with system hardening Benardrick McKinney Jersey , the effect is very significant. The resin is added to the compound after curing agent role, with rubber generate three-dimensional network structure, so that RAE vulcanized rubber joints Shore A hardness of 95. Phenolic resins are commonly used in phenol-formaldehyde resins, resorcinol-formaldehyde resin and an alkyl group resorcinol epoxy. The curing agents are used hexamethylene tetramine, RU-modified agent and anhydrous formaldehyde Nick Martin Jersey , nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds such as aniline.

For example, in the same dosage, the modified phenolic resin reinforced BQ-205A instead of general BQ-205 phenolic resin reinforced tire rubber core can increase the hardness of rubber 4-5, and other physical properties remained unchanged.

Acid hardening agent can uncured soft, easy to operate Julién Davenport Jersey , leaving the vulcanized rubber hardens, a large number of fillers which plastic material is very useful, but also to prevent rubber scorching. In the hard tire apex added 3 parts of benzoic acid, vulcanized rubber hardness can be increased 5-6. Furthermore, oligoester Zach Cunningham Jersey , MMg (magnesium methacrylate) is excellent hardening agent.

Nitrile rubber in the rubber joints using a multifunctional acrylate oligomer and thermofusible phenol resin and used, can effectively improve the hardness of vulcanized rubber. In addition, activation of the filler surface modification, but also a certain degree of hardening effect.

(2) Certain ingredients other methods can effectively improve the hardness of rubber, CR rubber compound such as calcium silicate and 4% of diethylene glycol (dipropylene glycol) and a silica gel compound by adding 2% to 3% of Si-69 Deshaun Watson Jersey , can make to increase the hardness of rubber 3-4.

To obtain low hardness, low modulus, the first to use polynorbornene, poly-hexene (pure rubber hardness of only 12) and other low hardness of rubber, and secondly Whitney Mercilus Jersey , with the anti-its Daoxing can achieve their goals, especially in less filler, to reduce the total degree of crosslinking and type of crosslinks adjusted, for example, M Johnathan Joseph Jersey , DM, reducing the amount of active agent Zn0. But the key lies in selecting the right plasticizer to soften and take a variety of softening plasticizers and use. For example, IIR each added 10 parts of naphthenic oils, hardness (Shore A) decreases by approximately 6, the use of Coumarone Jadeveon Clowney Jersey , but increased modulus. Preparation of 15 or 30 (ie Shore A) hardness CR rubber roller, often using ointment spindle oil DBP or ointment white mineral oil oil and use system.

(3) A more convenient way is to adjust the hardness of the maximum hardness (hereinafter referred to as PS) and minimum hardness (hereinafter referred to as soft) preparation of two out of the first plastic material, and then press the two different rubber compound mixing ratio after taking tablets cure, you can get the film medium hardness. This method is a simplified procedure that can improve work efficiency. Nowadays professional cleaning services are becoming the order of the day. Since people have busy schedules for work, baby sitting and other activities setting some time to thoroughly clean the house might not be an easy thing to do. Moreover Lamar Miller Jersey , some types of stains are just so stubborn and need specialists with special types of cleaning detergents to remove. Upholstery cleaners come in handy. They are always just a phone call away from you. You need to spare a day during the weekend or on holidays to call the cleaners at least once on a month to do the work for you. However, there are various factors to consider since not all the cleaners are up to standards. This article will inform you of the various factors you should consider when seeking upholstery and carpet cleaners;


It is the length of time a professional cleaner has taken in the job. Experience has always been an important factor in various job settings. Therefore, before you settle for carpet cleaning professional or company it is in order to ask how long they have been at the service. A good cleaning company is that which has three years of experience. This will mean that they have done various types of cleaning jobs and are familiar with different cleaning needs for the flooring. Experienced cleaners also have fair pricing and that’s why they stay in the industry for a long time.


You need upholstery services that you can rely on. Since you have a tight schedule you will need to call the cleaners and expect them to come just the right time and work for the amount of money you will have at any one time. Therefore, even in cleaning your carpets and upholstery reliability is an important factor to consider. Reliable cleaning services are those that do thorough work which will not give you complains before. For example having patches of stains after the cleaning exercise can also be very embarrassing especially if you have guests. Consider professional cleaners who have driers as well.


Some carpet cleaning services go for as much as 100 Euros whereas some go for less. However, this depends on the complexity of the upholstery and carpeting. Go for the cleaning services which offer the prices that you are comfortable with always. Some professionals offer negotiable prices whereas some do not. It is important that you be keen enough about the prices since they can be inflated. The best way to get fair pricing is to go for referrals. Your friend or neighbors might have had the cleaning services before so ask them of the prices and go for the professional they worked with.

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