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Oshane Ximines Youth Jersey

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Reviewing the GBC Comb Bind C95e Electric Comb Binding System Business Articles | November 16 Lawrence Taylor Giants Jersey , 2009
If you need an electric comb binding machine for your small office, the GBC CombBind C95e is definitely a machine you may want to consider. To find out more about the GBC CombBind C95e, please continue reading so you can decide if this machine is the right one for you!

If you need an electric comb binding machine for your small office, the GBC CombBind C95e is definitely a machine you may want to consider. This is a great little machine from a great manufacturer (GBC is the industry leader when it comes to binding machines) and the GBC Comb Bind C95e has a lot of features that make it easy and fun to use. To find out more about the GBC CombBind C95e, please continue reading so you can decide if this machine is the right one for you!

The GBC CombBind C95e electric comb binding machine is a small machine that retails for under $200.00, so it's very affordable even for those companies on the leanest of budgets. This machine can punch 15 sheets at once and since it's an electric punch Eli Manning Giants Jersey , it's much easier to use than a manual one. The CombBind C95e has an integrated comb opener that can accept combs up to 34" thick, meaning you can bind documents that are up to 170 pages long using either plastic combs or GBC Zipbind spines. (This would be a great machine for binding financial reports, marketing materials, etc.) There's a paper alignment guide so you can be sure you're lining things up right and the machine also has a built-in handle so you can transport the unit easily. (It's small size contributes to its portability.)

It's great that the CombBind C95e is very simple to use. Even if you'd never used a comb binding machine before, you'll probably have no trouble figuring it out even without the help of the instruction manual thanks to the machine's clear labeling. This is one of the most user-friendly machines available.

When it comes to drawbacks, the CombBind C95e does have a few. First Odell Beckham Jr Youth Jersey , the machine is constructed of mostly plastic. Although this helps make it more portable, it also means that the machine not might not be able to handle years of use. This is especially true of the comb opener because its hooks and teeth are plastic. It'd be very easy to accidentally break these off, especially if you're binding thick documents, so be careful when doing so. Also, the rotary comb opener can be a bit tedious to use when opening larger combs. (You have to crank the opener eight times to open a 34" comb. Sheesh!)

One final thing: you should note that this machine can only punch and bind letter-sized documents, as well as some oversized covers. The machine lacks disengageable pins Darius Slayton Youth Jersey , so punching and binding different sized documents is impossible. You'll need a different machine to work with documents like that, which is a bummer.

If you're not bothered by the GBC CombBind C95e's plastic construction and lack of disengageable dies, chances are you'll be very happy with this machine, especially if you want a basic electric comb binding machine. The machine is easy to use, affordable, and portable Julian Love Youth Jersey , so if those are some of the features you need in a machine, get the GBC CombBind C95e today!

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