Clouds Maplestory Guild Recruitment Post

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Clouds Maplestory Guild Recruitment Post

Post by jaisonsharma » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:33 pm

or everybody who is interested in linking the Clouds Guild, this post is right for you. For those who haven't any clue what Im talking about, and do not understand what Clouds is, please scroll down to the comments section and consult with the Clouds Guild page. This post is going to be rather long so only people that are really considering this guild should read through Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos.

Clouds is about having fun and chilling, that means how much money you may get or this guild is not about the grind. Its objective is for when you've been grinding all day and wish to just relax, talk to friends and do something interesting. I want anybody who's linking this guild to be a well experienced, and helpful individual. My plan with this guild is to become a highly effective and respected guild with a healthy and rich community of gamers. The guild provides events, competitions and other benefits for all its members(Information and some of my ideas regarding the guild is provided on the comment section of the guild webpage ). Think about the guild for a VIP club, were you can unwind, meet new people, and do fun things. Well anybody Who's interested please follow the standards given below:

There are two recruiting types available: If you want to assist me, and also be part of the wonderful guild, where you can present your own ideas and improve the guild in your personal way, the Council Ranking is for you. There are now only 8 Positions accessible, and I am searching for people who are creative and hard working. So my question is, What do you believe about this guild, and how do you want to enhance it?

If you wanna be a guild member, who wants to unwind, have fun and take part in enjoyable activities, this place is for you. However you will get and anyone who indulges in behavior like scamming and trolling, the Council will find out jailed/kicked out of the guild. You wish to join this guild, my question for cloud members is, and can this guild be practical for you?

Current Required Recruitments: The rankings below are for any sort of manhood, and such positions are extremely important right now since these will be the beginning phases of this guild. For people who are considering being the very best of their best. Heroes should be powerful players, who have achieved a degree or are at bossing good. Heroes will be fighting directors, and trying to finish Boss Quests, and Party Quests. Fundamentally to win prizes and put our name out there.
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Whenever you are sending me an email to join the guild or composing a message on the"Apply to this Guild" text box, then follow this format: Name(Online/Real idc), Age, Main class you

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