Dell claims Apple will ultimately fail with the Ipad

Dell claims that Apple’s Ipad will ultimately fail, particularly in the business sector.

Andy Lark, Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprises and public organisations, told CIO Australia that Apple created a market for tablets, for which Dell is grateful, but that it will ultimately lose out to its primary rival, Google’s Android, which has been gaining momentum on dozens of tablets with various specifications in different price ranges.

Lark said that in the long term “open, capable and affordable will win, not closed, high price and proprietary.” He particularly condemned the price of getting a fully kitted out Ipad, with keyboard, mouse and case, which carries a price tag of between $1,500 and $1,600, which he says is “not feasible” and double the price of available alternatives.

It’s hard to argue against those points, as Android is definitely more open and significantly less expensive thanks to competition by multiple manufacturers. Apple fanbois might debate that the Ipad is more capable, but the higher specifications of many Android alternatives tends to destroy that notion.

Lark said that Apple is great, “if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island”. He said it’s not great when living in a “diverse, open, connected enterprise”, adding that “simple things become quite complex”.

Of course, there’s no doubt that Apple isn’t really aiming for the business market,as most of its products are consumer oriented, but that leaves the door open to rivals like RIM and Dell. Dell says it’s taking an enterprise approach towards the tablet market, which it believes will give it a long-term edge over Apple.