iPad 2 Faces Real Rivals In Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablets, Reviews Say

Android Honeycomb

According to some reviews, Android 3.1 tablets are the equal of Apple’s iOS 4.3 based iPad 2. Here are some of the positive reviews which were collated by ComputerWorld.

Scott Raymond sees three important improvements in the Honeycomb update: Android devices run faster and smoother, the browser and the Market apps are now stable and Flash performs better. He also thinks that developers will update their apps due to Google’s OS update.

Reviewer Joanna Stern tested the update on Xoom and remarked she did not encounter any force close crash with Flash in 48 hours. She added that due to a new UI tweak, users can now scroll down the recent app list. Stern mentioned the new Movie tab that lets users rent films and that the Video app plays very smoothly. She also noticed that apps opened faster and transition between menus was also smoother.

Jason Kincaid has tested the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and was pretty satisfied with the results. He underlined the tablet’s lightness and stated that the better and lighter tablet PC, which was given to all Google I/O attendees, could persuade developers to optimize apps for the Android tablet.

On the other hand MG Siegler is not that pleased. He thinks the software is mediocre and the app support is kind of missing. In his opinion, Android 3.1 cannot beat the iPad 2.