Massive Malware Outbreak Hits Mac OS, Customer Care Told Not To Assist Customers

Recent reports indicate a massive malware outbreak underway on Apple’s Mac OS platform.

People who believe that the Mac OS is incorruptible are in for some serious jolts with an Apple Care executive claiming that the malware problem on Mac is increasing moment by moment.

In a telephone interview with an unnamed Apple Care executive, ZDNet blogger Ed Bott confirmed what security companies have been saying for years, that malware on Mac has arrived and people should be ready to deal with it.

The Apple Care executive confirmed that the company was getting a huge numbers of calls regarding a Mac malware called Mac Defender, which poses as an anti-virus software to dupe users into installing it. The fake anti-virus then opens back doors for hackers to wreck havoc in the system.

“Many frustrated Mac users think their Mac is impervious to viruses and think this is a real warning from Apple. I really wish I could say not many people will fall for this, but in this last week, we have had nothing but Mac Defender and similar calls,” the Apple executive said.

During the interview it was also alleged that Apple explicitly told customer care executives not to help users remove malware from their systems because they would expect similar assistance in the future.