VisionRacer VR3 eDrive puts a full racing simulator in your living room

Take your racing to the next level with the VisionRacer VR3 eDrive simulator, which works with Xbox and Playstation.

There are plenty of peripherals specifically made for racing games like Forza 4 and DiRT. Most of them tend towards the cheaper side of cheap plastic steering wheels. For those of you who take your racing seriously have we got the product for you. 

The VisionRacer line of racing setups from SimRoom is pretty intense. They come with a full steering wheel, racing seat, shifter and pedals. The model we’ve featured here, the VR3 eDrive, comes with a 32-inch Samsung LED HDTV and either a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. The PS3 model comes with GT5 and the 360 comes with Forza 4. This particular model is about $3,000.

You can make the VR3 all chrome and there are various adds on that increase the price a bit. Or you can go all out and get their $8,000 model which comes with a D-Box Motion Model. The D-Box is kind of a high-end vibration model that simulates the feel of your driving your car. 

If you feel that you’re racing simulations aren’t real enough, grab one of these set ups from SimRoom and take it to the next level.