5 Fantastic Ipod Docking Stations for Xmas

iA5 App

Looking for a Xmas gift idea that will really impress? Give the gift of an Ipod docking station. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can purchase a station that simply charges the Ipod, or one that has built-in speakers to actually play the music on the device aloud. But don’t waste your money on a product you’re unsure of. We’ve provided 5 fantastic docking stations for ipods so your player can have a Rock’n’Roll Xmas of its own.

iHome iA5 App – Enhanced Alarm Clock Speaker System – Compatible with all of Ipod generations, this docking station has a unique feature that allows you to charge the unit conveniently, listen to music, and set display settings via an app on your Ipod. Plugs into any electrical outlet and is equipped with AAA battery back-up system. Priced around $ 100.00.

RC66i iPodRCA RC66i Docking System – This system virtually any feature you could want in a docking station. Use it to charge your device, play music, and wake you with the built-in alarm clock. It is battery powered, so you can play it anywhere you go without having to plug it in. The sound quality is great and the unit itself is very attractive. Priced around $ 100.00.
Speakal iPig
Speakal iPig – Talk about unique! This pig-shaped docking station would make a great gift for kids or the young at heart. With its convenient remote control, excellent sound quality, and easy to use features, this unit is a great choice. Works with virtually all IPod models, including the IPhone, IPad, and more. Comes in several great colors! Priced around $ 100.00.
DLO Portable Speakers
DLO Portable Speakers – If space is an issue, this compact docking station is a smart choice. Speakers and dock can fit together when not in use, so it’s also great for someone that travels frequently. Compatible with any device and plugs into any electrical wall outlet. Also equipped with an AC adapter. Priced around $ 50.00.
Powermat Dock PMR-AID1 – If all you need is a basic device for charging an Ipod or other media device, the Powermat may be the best choice for you. The mat is wireless, which allows you to conveniently charge any Apple iPod devices (shuffle excluded) with ease anywhere in your home. Priced around $ 50.00.