Mozilla releases Firefox UE3 demo

Firefox Logo 624

Mozilla has released a demo of Epic Citadel for its recently announced Unreal Engine 3 Firefox port.

The game was ported to Javascript using the new browser-based engine.

Significantly, it was the first game to make use of the engine on the iPhone after it was ported to support iOS devices in 2009.

The game will run in any browser, including rivals Chome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. However, to get the best performance out of it, it is recommended to run it using the latest nightly build of Firefox.

According to Epic, the performance “rivals native” with “stunning” visuals.

Mozilla is looking for more developers to take part in its Emscripten project.

If you want to see how the game runs, your can click here. However, there’s no action in the game; it’s currently just a scenic tour.