Take a tour through Destiny 2’s gorgeous new sci-fi worlds

Destiny 2

This week Bungie finally took the wraps off of Destiny 2, the long-awaited sequel to the vast, online sci-fi shooter. We learned a lot: the new Destiny will be more approachable for new players, it’ll make it easier to manage loot loot, and it will introduce clans and other new social features. Destiny 2 will also feature four brand new areas to explore — and like the original game, they look gorgeous.

The new game will introduce three new planets, including Titan, Io, and Nessus. They’re joined by Earth, where the action has shifted from Old Russia to an area called the European Dead Zone. Each environment looks to bring something new to the experience. The surface of Titan is completely covered in a vast ocean, for instance, so players will explore abandoned, sinking human settlements surrounded by water. Nessus, meanwhile, is a tiny planetoid completely overrun by the cybernetic Vex.

Players won’t be able to explore these new worlds until Destiny 2 launches on September 8th (and possibly a bit later for PC gamers). But you can get a taste of what to expect with the screenshots below.