Popular Kodi add-on Phoenix Shuts Down

Kodi Add-on Phoenix Shuts Down

Phoenix, one of Kodi’s most popular add-ons, has just closed down.

It provided access to TV shows, films and sports channels, and the announcement will undoubtedly surprise and disappoint a huge number of fans.

While specific reasons for its closure haven’t been detailed, one of Phoenix’s developers has hinted that it was because of the legal issues surrounding Kodi.

Kodi itself isn’t illegal, but third-party add-ons built by developers can enable users to illegally access copyrighted content through it.

“In light of current events we have decided to close down Phoenix,” said Phoenix developer Cosmix, TorrentFreak reports.

“This is not something that was easy for us to do; we have all formed a bond that cannot be broken as a team and have a HUGE support base that we are thankful of.

“I can speak for myself when I say thank you to everybody that has ever been involved in Phoenix and it will always be one of my fondest memories.”

In April, the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the sale of media players deliberately pre-loaded with links to copyrighted content is illegal.

Kodi recently described the people selling these so-called “fully loaded Kodi boxes” as “a real problem”, and welcomed the ECJ’s decision, but the increased scrutiny of the software has led to the demise of several add-ons.

Navi-X, which had been operating for a decade, announced it was shutting down last month.

It also hit out at the box sellers, calling them “leeches trying to profit from the hard work of Kodi developers”, and said that they have nothing to do with the Kodi community.

Several more add-ons are also following suit, with the announcements coming so thick and fast that KodiGeeks has compiled a list, which is constantly being updated with new developments.

One242415 is another well-known developer that has stepped away from the scene.

“I am removing my addon for good,” One242415 announced. “It was a hell of a ride for me. First starting off with Navi-X, then with Mashup, then with Phoenix, and for two months with my own add-on.

“Thank you all for supporting One242415!! PS: I will not be back I’m closing down for good! This addon will be closed within a few days.”